Saturday, December 3, 2011

Give it all away

Hey hai how hello!!janji tinggal janji ya that's me regarding my korea trip that I keep on promise to continue the story..faktab myself for being such a bad person coz still can't complete the story..

So disebabkan rasa besalah ini n since I have few souvenir dari korea yg tidak di claim oleh few friends so I just put this of to u all..happy not??haha..first time nak bagi2 GA ni yet I don't have any idea apa nak letak as a task..

Haritu I dah bagi souvenir from korea to my 100th n 101th followers..so now what should I do?do a bit contest or just randomly give to lucky person here..how???teach me please!!

Sebab I don't have any idea nak wat contest2 tak reti..I just give u all simple task to do in a chance to grab that GA..

1-follow or tak follow my blog as u wish..
2-an entry for this GA with a name GA Korea AnaMiyuki n link it to here..
3-state in it why u want to give a try..
4-last do u wish me to continue write my experience being in korea trip?

Winner will be pick up randomly..
Wish all luck..but if there is no contestant I bet I will just remain the souvenir till my friends collect it from me..haha..

P/s:picture shows GA that I gave to 100th n 101th follower..

Friday, December 2, 2011

Expired Film

ok update dgn perasaan kecewa,,yeah its my LOMO DIANA result..mak ai kali ni teruk gila hasil n sikit gila yg menjadi,,,kecewaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..apa pon here i share picture yg menjadi..sobsob..





lagi menanti

birthday girl with bf

me n sunlight

birthday girl

god creation is super great!
kecewa~ni  ja hasil from expired film...