Friday, August 20, 2010

i love u damn much!

u gve me epiness starting from da day we met..
da day i know u..
such a big event when im having u by my side..
tup tap tup tap..
almost 2years we hve been togather,,
knowing each other..
taking care each other..

u always there every time i need u..
when im happy u will b there by myside..
all da tme..
when im sad..
u will be da place where all my tears drop..
u always by myside all da time..

every time i go crazy..
u bare with me..
u will b again beside me..
never tired accompanying me all da time i need u..

even though sometimes u r other's..
but u r mine..
i wont let u be other's for all da time..
end up u will be mine..
by myside..

no one can replace u now..
coz only u can b with me..
only u who can bare with my craziness style..
only u who can bare my tears..
only u who can always b with me every time i need accompany..

but now..
it seems like all da love i gave u..
all my heart~
u seems too tired with me..
plz get well dear!!

i only have U!
MiMi u r everything to me..
p/s:mimi n me on wani's weding day

Thursday, August 19, 2010

bye bye to sakura??

im thinking of terminating this blog..
since im too lazy to update my blog..
plus when emotion +hands cooperate without brain..
all da things that i should never said will b write on the page..
it seems sometime might hurt others without me myself noticing it~

but as for now i wanna write..
so let my hands do it..
later when da time come..
CERITERA CIK SAKURA will be off from this world..
or might come out with new things~
thought of EYE'S OF MIYUKI

SaKuRa MiYuKi ^_^

salam ramadhan

its been more or less than 4months im not updating this blog~
coz im lazy!
im bz!
tenet like hell..lembap cm sipot g~

papon slm ramadhan to all bloggers out there!!!