Saturday, September 25, 2010



sbb sekeliling sya byk kwn2,,
so nk cta ttg KAWAN or FRIENDSHIP..
apa tuh??
kwn tu manusia yg ada disebelah kt skeliling kt..
cmtu kot..haha..

aku nmpk kan,,
ada kwn jenis suka kwn tme epi ja,,
bila sdh2 dia smpn sowg2,,
dia xnk kwn dia tmpg sdh dia kot,,

ada jg kwn jnis tme epy lupa kwn,,
igt dr sndr ja of myb bf+gf ja,,
bila sdh da mslh dgn bf+gf br igt kwn,,
br cr kwn sbb nk ngadu,,

ada gak kwn jenis yg suka kwn tme kwn dia ada mslh ja,,
bla kwn dia ep,,
dia mls nk join epi,,
[ada gak ek kwn cmni?hehe]
means kwn cmni specis Gosip Girls la,,
dia akn tlg kwn bla kwn dia ada mslh tlg shabis mgkn la,,
bila kwn dia ep,,
dia xkacau la kwn dia,,
dia hdp sndr dgn dunia dia bf+gf dia..
[ni kwn ka lbh dr kwn ni??]

ada gak kwn jnis suka njoy2 ja,,
ajak std xmau,,
ni mcm ssh ooo..
klu std dia std sndr kot,,
mgkn cara std bbeza2..

k la..
sket2 dh la,,
nk kuar lak ni,,

gmbar aku n kwn2,,
byk dh dlm ni,,go tru la ek

ni terupload..lyn skeping ni ja,,yg len2 tgk entry lm2 k,,

Friday, September 24, 2010


almost 30minutes im staring at my lappy scrin..
wanna write smethng on my page..
but nothing come through..

share a bit la..
i like to watch...
Vampire Diaries~~

Damon Salvatore could gve me a crush over him!!

[stared by Ian Somerhalder]

what is this story about???

vampires in mystic fall..
the main characters in this story are Damon n Stefan Salvatore and the heroin is Elena gilbert vs Katerine..
[katerine n damon]

Katerine is the vampire that changes Damon n Stefan from a human to a vampire..
she compel those brothers to fall in love wth her for her own benefit..
Katerine realy looks like Elena..
after 164++years if not mistaken..
those salvatore come back to mystic fall to start the new life as a human..
live+do+act like human..
Damon is still living as a vampire,,
feed on human,,
compared to his brother stefan..
stefan choose to b a human,,
he stop feeding on human,,
just have drink from blood bank..hahaha
Stefan n Elena met at school n the fall in love..
[Elena n Stefan]

then all the adventures started!!~
[Elena n frens with the Salvatore brothers]

vampire vs human..
do watch it..
love love love Damon so much,,
[walaupon in season1 damon jahat but i already in love with him when i watched him]
Damon realy in love wth Katerine..
than adventure all over their life!~
-mls lak nk crita byk2-
-ckup skadar share apa i like to watch la ek-

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i am in u guys!~

new me started d..
im living in guys world!!
i realize that im surrounded by guys or men!
is that a place for a laddy mechanical engineer?
watever wherever i am i need to b strong!
do da best!
new life~
new world~
new surrounding~
perhaps maybe new me:D

p/s:no pic coz updated from opis dimana xblh buka intenet but i curi2..:P

sakura mituki ^_^

Monday, September 20, 2010

back to bad habit

damn it..
after raya kaw2 punya..
my bad habit came back..
its like a snake passing tru my brain~
so geli yet so poisons...
out of control can kill me!
beware with snake darling..
i like online at nite till late3 nite..
wat the hell!
this habit i had left few months d..
y it came back??!
watever it is..
must b under control

sakura miyuki

Saturday, September 18, 2010

new life!~

its almost tme..
n mayb its tme already~~
all da past things i need to b strong to let it go!
face new life new world new style..
everything is going to b new!
watever come i need to b strong n patient!
cause i believe ALLAH will always b with me..

Friday, September 17, 2010

its raya 2010

raya hve been past more than a week~
dh buleh raya "posa nam" dh pun :D
watever it is i still wanna wish
to all friends

1st day raya eat like hell d..
my stomach can accept all food i eat..
wat an amazing stomach i hve..
then suddenly realize that im putting on my weight!!

then met nisah my beloved fren la kan,,
ckp2 dia pon ckp2 jg raya smgu ja wei..
after smgu kna stat kontrol mkn dh ni..
yeah now dh smgu..
aku pn stat control da way i eat la..
im starving like hell..
every one hour i hve my meal i keep starving back..
is it bcoz when raya i eat too many cause my stomach enlarge??
damn it..
im starving till i feel so dizzy..
feel like nothing i hve eat for that day,,

how am i going to do??
i dont wanna eat like hell n gain weight again!
but im staving+dizzy hukhuk??