Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Its hye hye bye bye

Notice that I belum ada post anything since 2012 shows itself..what to do no mood at all to write things..padahal a lots of things had happened between this time..

Maybe still not too late for me to wish happy new year 2012..welcoming u with great prospers..

Things change in my life..I'm not working in Penang anymore..I have been moving to Kuala Lumpur..my life started in kuala lumpur on 16jan2012..new world new environment*which is lots of pollution* new colleague n new living style*which means living cost being increase,my expenses must be taking care in a good way*..

Hoping I can survive in a good way and achieve great things in my carrier n future..

Btw in my last post was a GA..since nobody involve n I just saw only Nad(frame n lenses) did it, with my whole heart I would like to announce that GA I will give to Nad..since he live in kuala lumpur, sooner or later I will catch him up n give it away :) *Nad remind me when we meet up ok!*

Till next I hope I can be better than before..maybe this 2012 I will make this blog as my own diary..hope it won't disgust or annoy anyone*care like others are reading mine*..maybe lots of my bad n my experience n my luahan hati ratapan nasib tangisan jiwa akan memenuhi ruangan ini..but hope I will just write the happiness which I'm hoping I will find happiness all da way*facepalm day dream la kan*..

SaKuRa MiYuKi