Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Move on!

Hey move on la babe u have to!
Yeah I did fall in love I did feel the broken heart I did feel hurt cried all day n nights..friends keep saying move on la..forget it..grab your future..don't waste to someone who won't worth u any..

As advice and advice and advice..I did all the Move On techniques..few days ago I read over #Terfaktab on 'How To Move On'..here I copy share with some additional comment from my experience..hope #Terfaktab won't sue me on copying theirs..I did this on purpose ok..

"There's a million ways to move on"#Terfaktab

1-Stop stalking your exes, they ain't worth a dime and space in your present and future, unless you wanted them to still be apart of you
-been there done that..I stop stalking but its appearing by itself..people talk people tell people said people show me bout him-#failed!

2-Redirect your daily thinking process and chores to something that might benefit you.
-been there done that..I had all my brain push over on my work my responsible..end up tired working adding more stress..when I wanna have quality rest at night the only thing before I sleep he came into my thought not my work at all-#failed!

3-Go get a hobby, pet a cat, sing a song, write a song, write a book, go bungee jumping, play video games, get your head out of the phony mind that'd take you deeper into the past.( Embrace your present with the things u'd enjoy.)*good point*
-been there done that..I did get a new hobby which I bought DIANA as my new partner of life my pet, a lomo camera..I did fall in love with lomo but when I'm with Diana I kept thinking of capturing our picture togather..his picture alone..I did do kind of bungee jumping when I went to Korea which Korea trip was one of a way to help me to move on..I did it all in my mind only 'oh how I wish I did this with him,how I wish I went here with him,how I wish I ran over Nami's Island with him'WTF!!#failed!

4-Do not overthink, overthinking brings your feelings to another level of misery in which I certainly certain you don't wanna conjure into.( Who wants to live in a big ass mess you've done before?)*i love this sentence*
-been there done that..I told myself stop thinking yes I did stop thinking..I'm happy my BaBy deleted itself all the past message of us..I left all pictures untouched..but all the place in this name Malaysia I was been around with him!!WTF I be there I saw me n him before..do I really need to run away out from Malaysia where a place I never been togather with him?!-#Failed!

There's a various amount of time people take to move on
Some people can move the fuck on in a blink of an eye, while some other take almost their whole life just to move on. This depends on your will of life and the will to find a better picture of tomorrow.

5-Trust me, Tomorrow won't only bring you sorrow,  there's a universe to go for.
Catch that big ass fish in the deep blue sea.
-i love this sentence quote..its kind of giving me a lil bit spirit!-

6-Stop whining and start discovering. Whining is actually a must but over-whining won't get you nowhere. 

There's so much to life than just whining about what you past had done to you.
-agree but my past still apart of my future in my heart-

7-Be fucking optimists. Optimism brings you a big ass smile. Imagine the best part of losing that so called apart of you, I can guarantee you'd found it someway somehow unless u're a total pain in d arse.
-this point I can't get my point back..I'm speechless-

8-Be oblivious. If Your pasts brings you into the dark cave of horror and sorrow, get them out of your life.  Turn over a new leaf.  Crop a new picture. Find a new friends, Built a new circle.
-build new circle?how?I guess I did a lot..I have plenty of blogger friends..twitter friends which I confident will be a new circle of friends!..I did but what's the different?I still end up loving the one-

9-Your will of life will determine your effort to move on. Losing isn't everything, it's just a game of life.
Why people don't wanna move on?

Because they're happy staying in the pain. Or maybe perhaps they're too wishful. Miracle do happened, but they won't happen all the time. Those fairy have a limited amount of miracle to glock on you.
-miracle won't happen but hoping keep me alive..without hopes I feel empty..-

10-Don't look back in anger, look back, in a big wide smile
It's ok to remember the past, but don't do it frequently, do it so that you'll learn from the past mistakes
-i don't look back but It came to me like a movie playing repeating in my eyes n brain..sometime I smile alone sometime I laugh alone n sometime I cried alone..can I just demolish the player off from my world so it won't keep playing my past?but what the hell would be the player?my brain?my heart?can I demolish them?!fucking big NO!-

11-The past can teach us a lot of thinky thanky steps on what to and what not to do in order for us not to do the same mistakes again.
-i just learn not to love others anymore cause it hurt fucking damn much!-

12-Don't forget the first basic step, the most important thing in this world is your own happiness. How could you be happy when u never try to be happy with your own self?
-how can I be happy by my own when I saw others are being happy with their other half?!-

13-Lesson should be learned, not to be repeated again.
-i did nothing wrong it just him who lost his love to me so what should I learn from it?!-

P/s:I'm not plagiarism just intend to give my point..sorry I did copy paste all from #Terfaktab..all the sentences are #Terfaktab..mine only the sentences in dash(-)..

Eh betol ka aku akan kena sue copying like this?cuaks juga huhu..

Part of this is just a sharing of my thought n experience k!!but we should really Move on!!

P/s:picture shows me n friends on friend's wedding..we love the friendship..I love friendship without friendship I would die of heart broken..they hold my hands when I fall..the pull me out when I'm drowning..they gave me CPR when I'm most needed..there are other part of me sent by Allah to help me survive!..I really love all my friends..jokerians..astech..spastic utipian..geng steamship/perut buaya..all n all much love from me :)

SaKuRa MiYuKi

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bau awak

X:eh mana bau awak ek?
A:erkk hah apa?*blur n lost*
X:bau awak la bau euphoria..
A:ouhh arini saya tak pakai euphoria saya pakai pure seduction..napa awak?
X:tak da papa saya suka bau tu.. :)
A:*ati berbunga-bunga*...tettttt pang diri sendiri..wake up..stop day dreaming please!!
-dear please slap me- (u know who u r dear)

Just wonder to write bout this then suddenly saw in twitter my timeline was flooded with #BauPalingBest then this push me to write this out asap..

Move on please!!

P/s:picture shows me n my sisters out chilling togather..

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Perbualan seorang guru dan Engineer

G:wei ang ada mana?
E:aku ada Penang la awat?
G:haah lupa lak kan ang tak cuti macam sekolah..
E:what the #%&€ haha -_-"

G:wei jom g jenjalan..
E:p mana?
G:mana2 ja jalan2 makan angin..
E:bila wei?
G:cuti panjang nanti..
E:bila masa aku ada cuti panjang pftttt..
G:ouh lupa ang tak cuti masa cuti sekolah nanti..
E: -_-"

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Korea Part 2

actually aku dah type separuh korea part 2 ni tapi tetiba tangan aku gatal nak main picasa..so hasilnya aku punya cerita tak bersambung hanyalah gambar seharian aku di seould world cup stadium and hanil park punya sunset view -_-"

mohon ampun dan maaf nnt aku update dengan betol ya..
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Monday, November 21, 2011


You are always my priority even I'm just an option to you!#Faktab myself!!

I hate the way I always made others as my priority rather then myself..some people love to take advantage on people like me..so sad..
Friends at your ease are easy to find but at your hardship?!why me??because I never hold grudge?!because I always easily apologise you?!when you had problem you come to me when you are happy you just enjoy your world with your fucking buddies and forget I was one of your's!

Fuck myself for being too good as a friend to you!

P/s:picture shows is not related to the entry..picture shows a friend of minde new house..bought this year..will be moving after marry I guess..*when will I have an opportunity to buy my own house?u will never!*

Sorry:mood like pingpong dah ni -_-" tanda2 PMS la kot huhu..

SaKuRa MiYuKi

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Aku dan Fenomena 30

Hey all!!yeah aku mau cerita bukan dongeng tapi benar punya..macam aku update sebelum ni tentang SEARCH FENOMENA 30 in Penang..ya aku hadir..tapi dengan liku2 gila..mai aku cerita dengan penuh perasaan..

Ok 15saat tadi aku type dah 2 3 ayat nak cerita tapi aku padam balik sebab taknak lah cerita panjang2 hahaha..

Ok aku dapat tiket ni dari BROFRAMESTONE..sori bro gua mmg tak dapat nak link2 ni..gua pakai hp jak..
Gua pun mula mengagau cari teman mau diajak ke konsert ni..mula2 si CikKia ni ajak gua..masa tu gua tak da tiket so gua cakap takda tiket huhu..tup2 esoknya which is jumaat bro msg aku kt fb cakap ada tiket nak ke tak?aku laju ja cakap nak sbb ingat nak g dgn CikKia..aku pun cancel plan balik kedah..pastu aku kalut contact CikKia..sekali jawapan mengecewakan dia cakap dia tak leh pegi adahal..then tahulah aku tiket aku tu adalah tiket CikKia yang tolak..aku pun niat nak tolak juga sebab takda partner nak p..bro pun bagi no Fatin kat aku..sebab fatin pun dpt ticket dr Bro..aku pon terus kol Fatin..then set lah nak g bersama lepas Fatin habis kerja..setibanya saat dinantikan seperti yang dijanjikan bersama Fatin aku dapat sms dr Fatin cakap dia takleh pegi sebab ayah dia admitted hospital..pulok..aku menggelupor kat umah tak da teman..aku contact member aku tak berjawab..then aku dilema..aku nekad g sorang ja..apadahal..aku nak g tengok performance ja..
Aku pun p la..pastu sembang dengan sorang akak ni..dia mai dgn laki dia..pastu tup2 ada sorang mamat ni mai sembang..kawan akak tu la juga rasanya..
Bermulalah tragedi di Fenomena..
Mamat ni punya la pumpang sembang dari A sampai Z nak sembang..sampai aku naik rimas!aku layan gitu2 jela..tangan aku laju ja bersama BaBy aku..then bila dah masuk dalam konsert area..mamat ni still lagi nak ikut aku nak sembang dengan aku amik no hp aku bagai..sampai aku rasa arghhhhh tensen gila!

Mulalah performance oleh Bittersweet!!perghhhh mmg aku cair!diorang hensem2..then Project Pistol..stamina mmg terbaik vokal perghhhh mau melompat aku..then geng2 raja lawak..pecah perut aku dgn show diorang..

Tapi mamat tadi still nak berkawan dgn aku..ajak aku g makan time break solat maghrib..*baikkan konsert rock pun taw hormat time solat*..aku mula rasa fedup..
Aku jalan2 pusing2 usha barang2 kat kedai supaya aku terjauh dari mamat tu..dek kerna rasa tak selesa itu..aku nekad!!
Ku ucapkan selamat tinggal abg Amy n Search!aku tak tunggu diorang perform!!aku terus balik sebab aku dah makin tak selesa dgn mamat tu..

Selesai hari penuh kekecewaan aku utk bersama amy search -_-"

Picture above aku pun tak taw apa arrangement dia..*paham2 jela update pakai hp ni*
Ada ticket,show ticket dapat redeem t-shirt yg gambar tu adik aku pakai..
Then lagi aku dapat kacang2..
Oh kalau perasan ada gambar stage juga aku attached yg ada tulis DEFINE..
Selain tu gambar time Projet Pistol n Bittersweet perform..
Oh ada juga gambar amoi2 pakai baju merah skirt hitam..diorang ni promoter Define yang dimana kalau kau beli barang RM30 kau akan dpt peluang cabutan bertuah memenangi Viva..tapi aku taw aku tak pernah bertuah..maka aku tak mau cuba..hehehe

Dalam jenjalan nak lari dari mamat tu aku ada terbeli 2keping car stickers..
So gamak nampak cam aku tamak..so aku rasa aku nak bagi la kat mana2 insan bertuah dalam blog aku ni..tapi tunggu next update la ek..

Oh ya update utk korea aku masih bertangguh..insyaallah aku cuba k..maklumla gambar kt tempat lain aku kat tempat lain..lagi2 laptop takda..memang hazab gak la..

SaKuRa MiYuKi

Friday, November 18, 2011


hai korang!!!!what an excited morning which was last nite i slept at 5am..then as usual lah dah tidor at 5am tuh lg tak sampai sejam pun maka berkumandang lah azan subuh,,then as i expected subuh aku hangusssssssss!hampes tak sedar langsung sedar2 dah 730am maka i continued sleep till 10..hellowwwww mellowww what the hell intro kau melalut ni..hehe.

Eh tajuk kita korang nampak ak???nampak ak???tentang concert search fenomena 30..SEARCH ni they are true legend ok..dulu kini selama..yeah aku suka pakai ayat dulu kini selamanya...kuikui,,nah buat yang tak kenal langsung apa tu SEARCH ni aku kasi clip videa promo untuk konsert SEACRH FENOMENA ni..jangan malu-malu sila la berkenalan ya,,they r great!

oh ya here wanna share with u allzzzzz yang peminat SEARCH or kalau minat AMY SEARCH aja pon aci ja,,hehe..they gonna perform their konsert at PULAU PINANG, JOHOR BARU and bandar kota metropolitan malaya KUALA LUMPUR!!come grab the ticket n meet them..

bagi yang nak tahu futher info boleh lawati laman sesawang tickethotline.com.my
kalau u all beli ticket untuk konsert FENOMENA ni korang berpeluang untuk dapat jeng3..sapa tak suka dapat hadiahkan..nah korang berpeluang untuk dapat:

- T-shirt ekslusif percuma dengan pembelian tiket
- Minuman percuma dari para penaja Lipton Ice Tea & Red Bull
- 3 Perodua Viva untuk dimenangi dalam peraduan

korang mesti lagi teruja sebab artis2 lain yang turut memeriahkan suasana adalah mereka!!!
- Di hos oleh Burn, Jehan Miskin dan Nana
- Diiringi persembahan dari Pesawat, Bittersweet, Projek Pistol, Koffin Kanser, Sofea
- Kemunculan khas dari raja lawak Angah & Jepp, Nabil & Johan

cool kan hanya dengan memiliki ticket korang berpeluang dpt free give dapat peluang jumpa lagi ramai artis sensasi yg mengamatkan suasana..berapa korang perlu bayar????nah kumpul sehari rm5 pun dah cukup nak pegi hehe,,price as stated :

RM69 Kuala Lumpur (17 Disember)
RM59 Pulau Pinang (19 November) & JB (3 Disember)

tapi kalau yang nak pegi untuk penang which is this weekend n it is today!!memang harapan la nk kumpul duit kahkahkah,,oh BTW dun worry u all boleh beli dgn kredit kad ok! #UNTUNGLAH orang yang ada kredit kad kan..selain tu korang boleh dapatkan ticket konsert FENOMENA 30 ni di stesen Petronas terpilih~!terpilih ja ok...bukan semua..hehe..kang kau pegi stesen Petronas yg tak terpilih kau nak beli ticket dia cakap tak jual jangan kau nak cari gaduh dengan diorang lak,,hehe..

jangan lupa yaaaa!~
Dapatkan tiket di stesen Petronas terpilih atau tickethotline.com.my
p/s:pesanan penaja *eh ada ka penaja?* konsert SEARCH FENOMENA ini untuk 18tahun ke atas je ya...korang yang adik2 tuh jangan gegatal nak pegi bukan apa crowd ni kita tak expect kang korang hilang dalam crowd kena himpit2 kesian korang dik..baik korang layan muka buku kat umah ja..hehe..
i'm going to this concert today~!weeeeee...

Buat musuh juga kekasih hati ku

Kata orang sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit inikan pula hubungan sesama manusia..eh betolkah penggunaan aku ni?erkkk..betol kot..tapi air dicincang tetap takkan putus..itulah hubungan kekeluargaan adik beradik antara kita..
Ya malam ini dikala aku melayan jiwa aku nak ber erkkk ber apa ek?bercerita?berceloteh?ber apa2 jela!

Aku punyai 2adik perempuan..Baby n Awin..mereka la musuh aku merekalah kekasih aku..secara practicalnya..aku lebih rapat dengan awin yg berumur 14tahun..entah kenapa aku lagi rapat dengan dia aku pun tak tau..mungkin sebab aku tengok dia ni semua gaya perangai sepesen ja dgn aku masa aku #BBNU dulu..erkkk aku dah Up ka sekarang?masih sama ja..muahaha..
Dengan Baby ni umur 22,aku pun tak tau la angin taufan mana la aku dengan dia ni memang tak sebulu hoi..apa ja dia buat semua kasi up darah aku ja..padahal kadang2 tu bukan ada salah pun dia buat tapi hati aku ni haish cam ada labah2 ja dok jenjalan bebulu ja..
Dengan Baby memang aku tak pandai tunjuk kata aku sayang dia..yela umur kami pn ala2 ja beza 2tahun ja..eh 3tahun eh 2tahun kot..takkan aku nak g begomoi gelak cium dia kang dia pun kata gila kot kakak aku ni..
Kalau dengan awin tak pa la dia budak umur aku dgn dia pun beza bagai 2alam ja..eh ada ka ukuran masa dua alam?gila tol..

Hurmmm aku sayang adik2 aku ni kalau leh apa diorang nak aku nak tunaikan..selalunya wish awin yg selalu aku tunaikan wish si baby ni selalu ja aku pospon..kesian dia..haish..

Tapi apapon aku nak diorang semua berjaya bahagia jangan ada yang tersasar landasan dah la..aku ni pun kadang2 terumbang ambing lagi nak bimbing diorang memang hazab juga la..

setakat la ni wish diorang:
Awin-psp go (kumpul duit la pelan2)
Baby-hp baru (kalau gaji aku 4-5k takdahal kot nak bagi)

Tapi aku cuba la..
Tapiiii wish aku pun kelaut..uhuksss..
1-aku perlu lappy!
2-aku perlu camera!

P/s:picture show the love n bonding between us..sisters n cousins..we love each other!tapi takda gambar aku -_-"

SaKuRa MiYuKi

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Black N White

hey there..i penah cakap kan i nak share picture lomo i..taken from Diana i..which is black n white film..
yeah that film mmg mengecewakan sbb ada kerosakan teknikal,,uhukss so gambar banyak tak jadi..so here i bg apa yang jadi n apa yg i rsa cantik jela..
tetiba jak kan :P

harusla percubaan atas muka sendiri haha

random while driving balik keja

ok i suka amik gambar sight mirror n reflectionnya :)

raya!bunga api n adik n lampu liplap :D

aku suka picture ni blur2 mgkin ni aku amik double exposure tapi gelap so jadi camni,,tp cam style!

percubaam amik gambar bunga api,,
kalau pakai colour film mst lg cantik!

muka pak uda aku ni aku amik with flash clear gila!

ni paling aku suka..
gambar halaman umah aku,,
dah la umah old skull,,
amik lak black n white,..
rasa nostalgic gila gambar ni!
ini jelah perkongsian kali ini,,sekarang film expired dah process cuma belum p amik kat kedai jak,,kemalasan nak drive itu adalah aku ahahha..

bagi yg tak penah tengok hasil first roll aku punya diana nah click LOMOSAYADIANA

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Search I'm coming!!

Yeah!!aku suka amy search la bro!!serius first n last tengok Amy search perform masa aku kat UTP..convo punya concert amy search mai tahun aku graduate tuh..perghhhh dia memang terbaik lah!!lepas habis ja show dia kat UTP aku n kawan2 terus sangap nak melalak lagu rock kapak..berdesup kami p Shaogoon kt batu gajah..karok sampai menanak anak tekak..perghhhh penangan dia memang best lah!

P/s:picture shows memories will always there even u r not with me anymore..

SaKuRa MiYuKi

Saturday, November 12, 2011


That number memang sangat cantik kan..so ramai yang buat sesuatu yg sangat bermakna untuk diingati pada tarikh 11.11.11 ni kan..kawan aku ada yang menikah tarikh ni..my bad aku tak dapat hadir sebab keja..apapon tahniah liza semoga bahgia hendaknya..

Ok aku pun tak terkecuali untuk ada sesuatu untuk diingati pada tarikh ini..pada tarikh ini aku buat pertama kalinya membawa motor pergi kerja setelah bertahun aku tak bawa motor ke atas jalan raya..sebabnya aku tak da motor..punca aku kena g keja dgn motor sebab pak uda aku pinjam kereta aku si mika tu balik kampung..huhu..okes meh nak cita..aku bangun awal pada hari 11.11.11 sebabnya aku cuak nak bawa motor..hehe..lepas mandi aku minum..then aku kuar la nak start motor..start punya start tak hidup2..memang fail..aku minta tolong abang jiran sebelah umah ni start kan..settle..broooommmm g keja..pastu nak dijadikan cerita minyak plak bling2..aku singgah la petronas nak isi minyak..pastu matikan enjin..tup2 aku tak tau camna nak buka tempat isi minyak..hahaha..u may LOL to my face..last I ride motorbike was my brother's..which dia punya kunci buka tempat minyak tu kat bawah seat belakang..pusing la aku cari tak jumpa2..huhu..last2 ada ane sorang duk isi minyak aku pun minta tolong dia la bukakan..dia gelakkan aku wei..aduhai malu tapi apa nak buat..keadaan memaksa..hehe..
Pastu selesai bab motor..aku sampai opis dgn selamat..pumpang2 nak balik keja which means aku akan melalui 2 roundbout besarrrrr..gigil hoiiiii!aku mana pernah bawa motor atas jalan raya ever since I was 18 rasanya..fuhhhh..aku redah jela duduk lain kereta ka hapa ka aku belasah..akhirnya aku selamat mengharungi 1hari bersama motor..hahaha..sumpah aku akan ingat tarikh ini..so lepas ni suruh aku naik motor g town tak da hal lah wei..gua dah terror..hehe..

P/s:picture taken atas bridge penang..yup I'm taking picture while driving*eleh updating blog sambil drive pun kau buat apadahal amik gambar kan*-kata aku pada diri sendiri-
Yup picture taking using my BaBy ja..but its kinda nice picture coz I really love sunset view..cloud view..sea trees..konklusinya aku suka nature..aku suka gambar nature without editing effect :)

SaKuRa MiYuKi

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My bad

How to say it simple ek?hurmmm..been while left my days of Speaking english 100% which since grad la kot..hurmmm..
Today had something to do which required me speak fluently..god damn it..I spilt..like hell!!my tongue like haish like dunno how to describe la!!arghhh..disappointed with my own performance (˘̩̩̩╭╮˘̩̩̩)‎​​

Down down down..

P/s:picture shows food from pepper lunch restaurant at pavilion..great taste..*at least my tongue still can taste it proper*

SaKuRa MiYuKi

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I just love You

I just love them love the way they are..
Love the love between them..
Love the fight between them..
Love the urge between them..

I just love the way they are..

SaKuRa MiYuKi

Monday, November 7, 2011

Aidil adha

Its aidil adha..ok aku taw la aku lambat post entry ucap selamat hari raya aidil adha..haha..bukan taknak just malas n tak da picture best nak post..hehe..aidil adha tahun ni family aku tak da sapa sangat yang balik kampung cuma makcik n family n paktam n family ja..so tak da kecoh sangat..tapi ok la mama ada buat korban..kitorang pun buat sup tulang semua..makan sampai cirit..hahaha banyak sungguh aku makan..esok dah keja!huwaaaaa..

Salam aidil adha semua :)
On my way to kenduri dengan cousins n sister ni..picture ni adalah picture terbaru dalam kereta..kemalasan drive so my cousin yang drive..

SaKuRa MiYuKi

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Aku dan Lelaki

There my picture my boring oily tired selekeh face time site visit..arghhhh know what?!terasa macam alien when all eyes on u..*or aku jak perasan*..perasan tak perasan I am da only girl in da middle of guys at that construction site..what to do..job..huhu..

Enough bout my working world which is surrounded by guys..I'm ok with it..but! Yeah got but here..

My surrounding also was like accompanied by guys friends..arghhhh boring..being friends with guys are great they hardly butthurt *famous word in twitter*..but sometime I just need a moment a time where I can chat can laugh can do anything as girls out did..contoh la..once going out wearing great dress with make up and all over..
Memang la kuar dengan kawan lelaki pon boleh nak pakai cun melecun tapi ada kala terasa like saying to myself *hello kau tu nak kuar dengan lelaki yang kau nak dress up bagai apa kes jeans n shirt suit da situation the best kot*..
Enough bout dress..
Bout shopping..haish susah betol yala kalau ajak kawan lelaki kau teman shopping ada yang bg opinion like no opinion at all..sucks!ada lak yang bagi opinion like hellooo ni trend kot salah ka aku nak beli itu ini..bosan betol!then kalau time nak beli barang perempuan like bra panties pad make up tools bagai ada ka kau selesa g dengan insan berkaum adam ni?!frankly speaking aku ok ja but cam pernah ak korang lalui moment like masuk fitting room sama2 try baju sama2 then laugh dlm fitting room taking pictures in fitting room..pernah ak?aku pernah and I do love that kind of moment..acana la kau nak buat semua tu kalau kau kuar shopping pon dgn guys friends..sigh! -_-"

Arghhhh apa yang aku emosikan ni..
Mood aku kerinduan untuk bersama teman-teman perempuan aku..aku bosan hidup dunia lelaki jak-_-" aku terasa aku ketandusan kawan perempuan since aku habis belajar ni..my dear Anne plak dh nak habis belajar..so tahun depan dia pun tak da dah kat bumi pulau mutiara ni..faktab betol bila imagine my life kat sini..huhu..

Oklah niat nak cakap lain dah tertaip lain..apa pon belasah jela..

My Palm My destiny Myself

This picture is my real palm ok..cool kan..BTW I do really like this picture rasa cam sangat cantik*perasan sorang2*

Ok tuning language BM or English?
Dalam twitter harini was like crazy dengan hashtag #FaktaDiriAku #FaktaTentangSaya or seangkatan or semaksud la..but I didn't tweet any single things relating to it..coz I found that I'm not a great person..but by the way here I wanna state a fact about me..
1. I am a person that always used English when I am sad or angry..automatically when I'm angry or sad I will speak or write straight away in English..when I'm talking to u then suddenly all my words tune to english that's mean I am angry bout something but I couldn't tell u in person..I might be laughing while I talk but u should notice that I will be talking fluently english and a bit fast..*fast I guess because it came along with the fast heart beat rhytm* *bila marah heart beat mesti laju dari normal kan*

Just a fact of myself..
Wanna know more I think I did few bout me in my older post..do dig them by yourself if u r interested knowing me..*ayat bajet cam kau punya blog ada orang selalu baca ja*

Ok my habit to use "*" this star symbol showing monologue *ayat dalam hati gua la der*macam suara kedua or ketiga -_-" insane me


SaKuRa MiYuKi ^_^

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Kekadang eh bukan kekadang selalu jak aku jumpa dalam facebook dalam blog cara insan2 lelaki konon berilmu tegur cara seseorang gadis ni berpakaian..tapi cara tegur ayat teguran Ya Allah hanya tuhan saja yang tahu betapa kasarnya ayat mereka tu..

Hello brothers nak tegur nak berdakwah ada cara nya bukan main cakap lepas ja..contohnya:
'Kau pakai baju tak reti ka nak pakai bertutup asyik nak tayang bra kau kaler apa kau ingat kau lawa bra kau lawa baju kau branded...'
Panjang sangat nak tulis..instead of ayat camtu why not guna lembut sikit..at least kaum seumpama macam aku ni yang pakai tak da la dedah teruk sangat masih cover cuma tak da la berpurdah bagai tak terasa terhina dengan sindiran dan teguran terhadap kaum sejenis kami..kalau cuba guna aya macam:
'Cantiknya baju awak kaler putih susu mahal lak tuh tapi rasanya lagi cantik kalau tak da tambahan penampakan pakaian disebalik pakaian mahal itu'
Kan lebih lembut..kalau aku pompuan yg pakai camtu mesti aku terasa malu lembut halus ja teguran secara automatic terasa 'isk nampak ek apa2 yg tak patut nampak tu harus cover pasni'..ini tak tegur kasar bikin panas itu orang silap2 orang tu pikir..'Ko ingat ko baik sgt kalau betol ko baik dah semestinya ko jaga pandangan ko tak kan nampak cara orang pakai.mai aku bagi ko nampak lebih lagi'..
Tak pasal2 undang penambahàn dosa untuk orang yang ditegur tu..dari sepatutnya at least jadi baik sikit silap2 jadi lebih teruk ja -_-"

Bukan aku tak leh terima setiap yang tegur mesti nak suruh jadi lebih baik tapi kadang2 hati naluri setan aku akan terdetik "diorang ni tegur cam apa ja niat nak tegur ka niat nak jatuhkan maruah orang yang ditegur tuh"
Who knows kan apa yg terlintas dalam kotak fikiran orang..

Aku bukan la jahil sangat tapi aku bukan la umat Islam yang perfect sangat tak semua suruhan aku turuti dengan perfect tak semua larangan aku tinggalkan betol2..tapi at least aku masih ada humanity dalam isu dunia dan akhirat ni..

Semoga aku lebih baik dari hari ke hari bukan makin merudum..

 AnaSyanaz2011 

Aku jealous

Fat me in da picture -_-" like a pregnant mother kan sigh!

Ignore picture..aku nak cakap aku jeles pada kawan-kawan aku..some of them married..being a mother or will becoming a mother..damn it jeles kot!they shared their pregnancy experience..their experience taking care of the children..experience of morning sickness..experience of the feeling of fetus growing in theirs..oh man jelessss -_-"

I wish to but all God's plan I never knew when n where this thing will be experienced by myself..Ya Allah jauh lagi kah perjalanan aku untuk ku temui jodoh yang Kau tetapkan untukku..

Apapon aku akan terus berdoa untuk yang terbaik bagi diriku..and akan terus pray for my friends for their happiness n health..

P/s:but I'm not ready to be in any LOVE relationship at this moment..aci dak aku nak cakap taknak kenal AWAK taknak kawan dgn AWAK just be my HUSBAND..gila -_-"

-sent from  pon dah tak terkeluar kat sini  aku gila ka blog aku gila -_-" -

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Help Me

Help me!!scream this little pet..haha..just wanna tell u all I have many pets in my Mika (my car)..I have monkey..cow.. N apa lg ek..haha..some already been removed from mika coz coz coz macam2 la sebab musababnya..

Oh hey!!ada orang cakap my blog or my writing here more in english..betol ka??cam tak caya ja..oklah..let me craps in malay ok..

Bukan aku tak leh cakap melayu tapi terkadang tu jari ni laju ja type english(padahal english pn tak dapat A)..sampah ja my writing..

Eh what is my main point writing ni??ok I dah lupa..picture?ok tentang picture above its a gift from a friend..kebanyakan gift aku selalu letak dalam Mika coz I travel a lot with Mika..Mika dah macam rumah aku lah..rak kasut pon blh juga coz belambak kasut aku dlm bonet Mika..padahal bukan aku pakai pon..*well its girls bad suka buy shoes but tak pakai sangat*

Oklah..those few days thinking bout photography since I often browse over FTR page..cool pictures with greats quotes..thinking having or owning a great camera n shoot by myself??hell yeah..but deep down I thought arghhh I don't have talent in this field..so browsing around others stuff would be much better for me..
Besides that don't forget I am a Lomographer!!how don't know bout Lomo u r lame..*suka suki jak kan*

OMG*start typing in english lagi*
Turn back to Malay..

Okes my Diana..adus cam kaku kejap ayat2 nak putar jadi Malay..belasah jela ek..

Oh my Diana which is my Lomo camera will be back on track..I had sent my 2nd roll film for process..its black n white film..hope its turn out something..now I still have 3rolls of films..I gonna go n capture instantly with my Diana..*dont think bout adjusting mode just grab n capture*-one of lomography philosophy-

But Lomo is still lomo..I still need Digital camera..not all thing I wish to capture in lomo..what to say we are in urban tremendous living world can't run away from technologies..

Damn it!!keep typing in English..oh well what to say..maybe next entry I will be in Malay 100%..

-oklah sampah yg tak da kena mengena dengan picture just craps bout something that came across my mind-