Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Roses vs Chocolate

Hey there lovely rose..sometimes I think I need flowers rather than chocolate in order to throw away my stress..I'm fucking love da lovely smell of roses..but in da name of God I swear I'm not a lovely person that will plant trees or roses in my room..so I think I will choose to buy dozens of chocolate as stock in case my swing mood happen to be..

Gosh!stress..faktab moment..need u..need someone..but why at the most crucial time I need a shoulder there's none around me..everybody seems selfish..just think of their own heart feeling their own stress their own needs their own wish n will..

Dear lovely baby GB..I'm sorry for everything..
Dear bff..I'm sorry to burden u at the most down moment..

I just love to play around but doesn't mean I'm not serious in everything..I wish u heard this..joking but become fighting..

Mentari pagi takkan kekal menyinari alam kerna kabus tebal bisa menyelubungi tiba2

-Expect the unexpected-GB

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