Friday, August 23, 2013

Smile vs smize

Tyra bank taught me how to smize..she always asked her models to smize instead of smilling in ANTM..u guys know how to smize???smize is when u r smilling with ur eyes..from what I can see I can feel smizing much more nice feeling rather than watching people smilling. .smizing will happen when u smile happily with ur heart it will shown from ur eyes..I love people smizing..but i still like looking people smiling. .
To be happy to get the smizzing face I guess u should really feel da moment and sincerely enjoy the ambient surround u..


Hell of world

Hello there..been a while didn't write here..well lots of things had happen..im living my life as hell wish..I dont even know either it is my chosen path of way or im just following da flow of crowd..I don't even know either im happy doing things I do or I just doing things I do to make others happy..