Sunday, July 26, 2009

meeting buddies

g lpk maktab,,
story ni tme aku last day intern in kulim,,

lpk dgn syada on friday eve,,
then not feeling well a bit,,
ignore myself for a whle,,

next day,,
syada went out wth choi,,
her bf,,
so i need a back up plan,,

so decided to went out wth this buddies,,
never met yet,,
lynkan aja,,,
alang2 aku kat mktab nih,,

kuar la lpk g quensbay,,
dgn Anne n her best fren,,
ajk mawas n latte join,,
so that meriah skt rmai2,,

here a few pic of us,,
mcD free sponsored by Anne,,
as conclusions,,
love to b frens with all,,

thnx dude
ming egg n anne

mawas n latte melahap each of them have 2big burger,,gilo pnya boya,,

we r in quensbay,,taken pic by teah,,si tgn gegar,,

teah si tgn gegar mnjadi model kasut,,


CiK SYaDa said...

nana!!aku mintak maap...waaaa...ampunnnn ;(

nana miyuki said...

awt ang mnt maaf ni...