Tuesday, December 29, 2009


people said:
no hopes no pain..

people said:
no pain no gain,,

apakah ini??
have hopes but have pain...
when have pain will have gain..

fren of mine said:
no need hopes so that u wont b hurt,,

a fren of mine said:
put on hopes so that will gve u more courage to strive over ur target..

a fren of mine said:
put less hope so that u will less hurt,,

donnoe wat to do,,
show i continue hoping,,
should i stop hoping..

hope 4 what???
i hope 4 happiness everlast..
but as all noe,,

life is just like a wheel,,
once we up..
once we down..

no matter wat,,
we need to carry on..
rain or shine life goes on...

happiness everlast~~
friendship 4 eva!!!

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