Thursday, August 19, 2010

bye bye to sakura??

im thinking of terminating this blog..
since im too lazy to update my blog..
plus when emotion +hands cooperate without brain..
all da things that i should never said will b write on the page..
it seems sometime might hurt others without me myself noticing it~

but as for now i wanna write..
so let my hands do it..
later when da time come..
CERITERA CIK SAKURA will be off from this world..
or might come out with new things~
thought of EYE'S OF MIYUKI

SaKuRa MiYuKi ^_^


L juz f0r LIYZA said...

uit..xpyh dok gatai la nk terminate la bagai~ishk3..free2 ja,kot ada cita bru update l0r..

nana miyuki said...

tudia mai2 kna marah terus,,hahaha,,mn taw kot2 aku teminate aku buka blog baru wajah baru,,hehehe