Friday, September 24, 2010


almost 30minutes im staring at my lappy scrin..
wanna write smethng on my page..
but nothing come through..

share a bit la..
i like to watch...
Vampire Diaries~~

Damon Salvatore could gve me a crush over him!!

[stared by Ian Somerhalder]

what is this story about???

vampires in mystic fall..
the main characters in this story are Damon n Stefan Salvatore and the heroin is Elena gilbert vs Katerine..
[katerine n damon]

Katerine is the vampire that changes Damon n Stefan from a human to a vampire..
she compel those brothers to fall in love wth her for her own benefit..
Katerine realy looks like Elena..
after 164++years if not mistaken..
those salvatore come back to mystic fall to start the new life as a human..
live+do+act like human..
Damon is still living as a vampire,,
feed on human,,
compared to his brother stefan..
stefan choose to b a human,,
he stop feeding on human,,
just have drink from blood bank..hahaha
Stefan n Elena met at school n the fall in love..
[Elena n Stefan]

then all the adventures started!!~
[Elena n frens with the Salvatore brothers]

vampire vs human..
do watch it..
love love love Damon so much,,
[walaupon in season1 damon jahat but i already in love with him when i watched him]
Damon realy in love wth Katerine..
than adventure all over their life!~
-mls lak nk crita byk2-
-ckup skadar share apa i like to watch la ek-

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