Monday, September 26, 2011

My precious watches

I had this watch since I was 8..It was bought by mama when she was in US for out station..I really love this watch..I never knew bout brand at that time..but I do love this watch..yeah its TAG HEUER..
Then when I was 12..mama got Alain Delon watch..she gave me..it small compare to this one..but I also love it..then I lost it -_-"
When I'm in secondary school I have LICORNE gift from mama too..I had 2 almost same design..just diff colour..I used it all the time..even when I took bath I still were the watch..then I lost it..I lost both I guess -_-"
Then I used to use Carlo Cardini also a gift from mama..not my taste but I can't afford to buy my own watch..so just used it..
When I'm 22 I got a swatch from my ex-bf..the one that I like which I fall in love at my first sight..(Fall in love with the watch ok!)..till now I'm using that Swatch even its a gift from my ex..who care I still love my watch it suit my taste..
But now that Swatch all over with scratches..I wish to have new watch..can I wish to just have same as mine when I was 8?I really hope so..

So far..all the watches I wore..I hate the quality of my swatch..its too easy to get scratches..if compared to my Licorne which is sligtly cheaper than swatch..its quality is much better..feel bit disappointed with swatch..my TAG HEUER n ALAIN DELON were the leather watches I ever had..

Will I be back to leather watch?will see next :)

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maizatulsuraya said...

i break my Guess glass when i was in PLKN. what embarrased. ayah marah gila bila tau pecah masa dtg melawat. wuu~ sedih. and yeap, it also my leather watch ever. HAHA. sedih =.="

Ana Miyuki said...

Hehe leather watch r cool!but once out need to replace it quit expensive..hehe..
Let's grab new leather watch.. :)