Monday, March 5, 2012

Children are parent's way of correcting their mistake

Have u ever cross over thinking that u as a child to ur parent was make just to continue achieving the unsuccessful dream of ur parent..
Just to got what they wish but they couldn't done it by themselves
Just to avoid doing things that were gone wrong as they did it before..
We are made just to be a canvas for parent to make a decoration as they wish as they hope no black colour will spoil the paint..
Is it all about our life or a plot of completing our parent life journey?
Think by your own..
Think deeply..
Lots of things I thought off..but I dunno how to put it in words..
I will just swallow over it..

Hoping to be better for the sake of ourselves not themselves..


AmirFX said...

True that.. :D

Ana Miyuki said...

Haha btl ka?it was part of my though ja hehe :p