Monday, September 7, 2009

i am a final year student of mechanical engineering in UTP

being stuck in UTP having all kind of workload,,
i hate being lke this,,

being thinking of myself,,
wat is da best think i had done for my own self,,
i cant get anytg back in mind..
does this means i nver done anytg for my own good???

disgusting wth myself on wat ever i hve been truuu....
feeling like tears wanna come out,,
but need to pretend thres nothng to push it to come out,,
let it be inside,,

pain is silent~~silent is pain
no mater wat phrase of this words come,,
i know i always in pain,,
heart pain,,
brain pain,,
no body noes,,
no body care,,
all them just noe they r epi wth their life,,
they thought us b epi too~~

wat an unfair life im having tru~~
am i lack of love??
im rich wth if,,
mom dad baby awin abg alia n all,,
loving da family,,

lack of frens??
i have plenty of frenss,,,
but do they noe wat i feel toward them??
i dont think so,,
they only noe im epi all da tme wth them,,

bullshit of myself,,
i never noe the way to express my own felling,,
wat am i going to say??
lost already~~
wat i need now?
anybody can tell me??

i thnk i need a holiday,,
but i always thought,,
with whom am i going for the holidays??
frenss have their own family+bf+life..
my own family,,
mama bz abh bz,,adik2 still sekolah,,

tired of expressing all this,,
lets get loud,,
be in calm position syazana,,
always remember thres smbody always watch u wherever u are,,
God is there,,
return to Him syazana,,
the only way to get the calmness,,
the peacefullness,,
be around it~~~

adeh:kureng pahala posa camni crita=..=

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