Saturday, March 6, 2010

party girls AMERIKA

da girls[spastic]
we r so AMERIKA!!
nk wat pa ja,,
mst nk pakai ayt..
"baru amerika"
klu xbuat mst nk guna ayt,,
"xamerika rr cmni"

but thats wat we r,,
da girls..
with epiness
njoy all the time..
watever wherever,,
we oll always njoy tme we r togather,,
we all love gosiping+karokeing+muvieng+swiming+eating
we all love do things togather..
thats wat make us so close,,
da moment we had togather,,
such a precious time for each of us..
holiday togather

we all in our final sem of study,,
we all mechanical engineering student,,
we std togather

we shop togather

we play togather

we all love each other..
soon we all will be apart,,
hope Allah still gve us chances to hang out togather,,
just like we always did now,,

walaupon amerika+enjoy..jemaah ttp xdilupakn,,hehehe

da moment will b soon,,
da moment we all will hve less tme to c each other,,
da moment we all need technology to get us back togather,,
thanxx to da techno nowadays,,
hope we all wont lost contact..
pegi pangkur every year...amerika!!

funfair yg xdapapon ktorg leh p..



Rashid said...

wahh bahagianya.. hehe

peace V ..

nana miyuki said...

aah,,bahgia bsama kwn2,,

siapakah anda en rashid:)