Monday, June 27, 2011

Victoria Secret

its pure seduction body mist by Victoria Secret..
i did mention in my tweet before..this will be my birthday present for myself..
my friend bought it from US when she went for a holiday there..
i just met my friend that help me to take it from my other friend..

Pure Seduction By Victoria Secret..
its fruity smell..
actually its doesnt da smell i used to..
its have a lovely smell..
i dont like fruity smell..
when it get along with da surrounding,,
i feel da smell is ok..
its LOVELY!!

apa pon,,
thanks to her,,
help me to buy it..
thanks so much Syafiqah Syafrudin :)
a friend i never met hehe..


fRaMe+LenSeS said...

wahhh.. sonok la dia. :P

Nana Miyuki said...

Suka ja coz I'm a perfume obses hehe

syafiqah said...

u're welcome! :)
hopefully we can meet someday.

Nana Miyuki said...

Hopefully babe :)