Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Holiday vs 100th follower

Nami Island-Winter Sonata Shooting Place-
hey all been a while kan..
i had mention before i will be on holiday,,yeah!
i was on my trip..i went to korea for a rest..
quick post coz im in da middle of work..
blogging from office are not cool!
may BaBy r out of service got it be in clinic for a while..

bout korea trip maybe when i have time i will slowly update my journey ok,,
now just a quick post..

to those my 100th n 101th follower please feel free to email me ur name n address..
i wonder why both of u following my rubbish blog,,haha..
email me at emily8191@gmail.com..
insyallah i will pos ur lucky GA..
specially from korea ok!~
sorry to say i wont contact u all since im quiet busy..
so do email me ur details ya..

lisa my 100th n ira bashirah 101th do contact me k


nisa fadzil said...

wei aku sangat dengki.aku nak p holiday jugak la (!)
nak tengok gambaq lagi

Ana Miyuki said...

NISAH:nnt ang g la holiday..gambaq blk alor star la aku bg tgk k..dlm blog lmbt sket aku nk wat story hehe..