Thursday, March 26, 2009

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actually benda nih aku men isi nama ja,,fifah yg foward,,n the result popup like this,,ada la cam sket2 btl n sket2 salah,,tp saja nk tepek kat cini,,

Write Your Full Name :SYAZANA


Starting First Letter!!<>!!

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According to Numerology Your Personality No is 3

Medium Height
Spends Lavishly

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Designed By Shaikh Javed Aryan
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In Details

Youthfulness is your outstanding characteristic. You are energetic and

you have a great deal of creativity, especially in self-expression. You

are outgoing, and probably very popular. Negative traits to watch out for

are an inclination to become too self-centered and interested in shallow

pursuits. You will be happier if you are selective in your friends and

let people get to know the real you.

In romantic relationships, you may have trouble settling down.

Achieving other kinds of goals will probably take priority, at least for

a while. However, many people of the opposite sex are attracted by your

charm and youthful qualities. You are most compatible with those having

3, 6 and 9 personalities. When you find the right mate, it is someone who

understands your ambitions in life.

You have so many talents, you could probably succeed in any career you

choose. Although you are not always highly practical, you are quite bright

and a quick learner. When you concentrate on one thing, you have the

ability to rise to the top

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