Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Love Hugs

i love to be hugs n hugs back,,
its really a nice feeling when we hugs..
its transfer some of the unneeded charge in our body to others,,
n vice versa..
its good..
its warm..
its da feeling that make me feel so calm..
when the time i feel wanna cry..
i just wish to hugs someone..
doesn't matter who is..
as long as im hugging..

mom hugs
terus terang i did hugs my mom when i feel so down or depressed..
even now i already 24th,,
i still sneak at nite n sleep by my mom n hugs her tightly..
its warm n calm..

bestfriends hugs
yes i did hugs n kiss my bestfriend,,
everytime i meet n everytime we were going apart..
i love it,,
hugging friends was one of da best feeling too,,
it helps me alot..
it calm me..
it warm me..
it gave me strength,,
thats why i love hugs  n kiss my BFF..

couple hugs
ok even i dont have bf..
but i did had bf before..
i love back hugging position,,
it make me feel so safe being with..
oh i miss it...
hugs in da rain
never did but its lovely,,
how i wish...
more hugs in da rain :)
kat malaysia tak kan la kita nk g hugs dlm hujan camni lak kan,
ada orang cakap tak senonoh nanti,,hehe..
so just in dream :)
or who knows one day..
i will be hugging in da snows..

bear hugs
mood:hugs n kiss its one of da way to calm your heart :) try it hugs anyone sisters,friends,mother,lover,as long as u feel calm after hugging :)
kalau dah tak da sapa nk di hugs just hugs something fluffy..its helps too :)

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