Sunday, August 14, 2011

Will U Date Your Friend's Ex?

i love her n him
hollaa..today i have been wondering  if this situation come out,,what will i do??hurmmm...susah kan?
opinion to share:
1-its hard to date your friends  ex because its weird when u needs to hang out all togather,,
2-its ok if your friend r ok with it..

so what u guys think?ok or not to date your friend's ex..

tapi apa pon i kalau boleh tak nak,,i rasa janggal la,,


Mr. Straw said...

hahahah..situasi ni blaku kat kwn aku...

dan slalunya no 1 mnjd mslh utama..

Bashtiah said...

It might be weird and a bit quirky..but I think it's acceptable kut. ;)