Monday, January 24, 2011


Insomnia?tidak boleh tdo malam..erm I had insomnia kadang2..hate it bila kita letih but we hardly get to sleep..erm best way to do:
1.Hve hot or warm milky drink::milk or milo,but plz no cafein drink ok!::
2.Reads some boring books..
3.Count ur dreams like what I plan tomorow till ur brain got tired
4.Just shut ur eyes..thing of beautiful place..dreamland..then u will b drag to dream world..
5.Think over ur hard day for tomorow will make u b force to go to sleep soon:)

Nothings much..this is bcoz I can't get a sleep..blogging..fb..twitg..

Nitezz.. Baca doa tido ok!have a great rest babe..

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