Monday, April 4, 2011


wallawey look its blackberry..since I bought berry chan I never write why I really want it kan??hahaha..today wanna share..
1-coz I love da blackberry symbol ::alaa simbol titik titik tu::iphone simbol buah epal ja xbest!hehe poyos plus bila ltk kt fb xda nek simbol pn :P
2-its like a mobile internet coz its a smartphone..okey mayb ada yg ckp y not beli iPhone ja..wallaweyy ckp mau senang..wa takmampu der nk beli iPhone..plus its touchie2 cm malas sket..hehe
3-its so cool when bbm'ing rasa cm chating its all over my finger tips wherever I am :)
4-i am a loner rangers..wakakaka what I mean is I don't have much buddy to text too on 24 7 time coz I dun hve BF..boooo losserr~ when I hve bb or smartphone..I can on9 wherever whenever so xdala busan kn??kang kalau sms member ada yg xda kredit la apalaa..
Since most of us ada FB..smartphone cn help us reach them through fb ja ;P
5-im a person yg kdg2 outdated or lambat dpt info..so if anybody mention bout something yg I mcm whaatttt??so wat the hell I ada smartphone I terus ja taip n gugel..its easy kan???xda la nnt nampak bodoh sgt:D
6-kadang2 I suka wat keputusan mengejut like jomzz tgk muvie..then ofcoz nk taw apa muvie n time..ni 1 lg sbb I nak bb as my bestbuddy :) msk saja GSC ::segalanya dihujung jari anda::
7-ouch this part is twitter..serius I own a twiter account years ago..tapi xpenah login since I notice that twitter ni mcm kena on9 24 7 ja..wakakaka..sejak ada bb aku pn dh hidupkan smula twitter aku n I'm freaking love to tweet..bak kata owg twitter ni tempat meroyan sengsorang..its truuuuueeee!!
8-i don't even own a great lappy since mind mcm nak kapot ja kn..so all email notification I direct through my bb..
That's one of da reason y blackberry is my baby now :)
9-what bb again ek?I guess piece of da reason is I'm getting bored using nokia+sony+samsung phone..I hve been using those brand since secondary school..now its time to change :)
10-last but not least!!its cool n look like corporate people using BB wherever u r..but I'm not a keparat person ok!!wakakaka..motif I love bb n can't live without it anymore :)


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mohd azrie ishak said...

BB ku yang free..
TQ celcom..
love in a flash..

fRaMe+LenSeS said...

BB = BaBy kan? :D baru paham napa ejaan macam tu.. :D