Friday, July 22, 2011

Analogue dan Aku

as i mention in my previous few post i own a Diana Mini a lomo camera..yeah..my first roll are ready..will share here few of my work,,weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

pic ni xbapa menjadi but i like right one pic..multi exposed!

suka nisah with flowers..
pic ni cam leh bikin drama ja..like..
he is looking at her while she is so passionate on her flowers..
love it!

always like nisah on flowers
nisah on my multi exposed mode :D

pic ni cam sila cari perbezaan dlm 2pic ini,,hahaha
captured by sopi..

left pic r accidently being half of his body but i like the accident effect..

love the bright colour..

right pic is one of multi exposure pic yg i suka :D
 ok pic ni i snap sendiri..mmg ssh nak snap muka sndiri sbb bkn mcam digital camera kt leh tgk angle taking n dapat capture muka kita ka tak,,but it turn out well..love it :D

randoms in UTP view..

anna in dark side,,while ana n anne in bright one,,weeeee

left is multi exposed pic but to much light..right is my grandpa but not enough light..

suka pic my 3 cousins here so style..pic on left too bright but  i still like it..


cousins n sister


nah this all the result from my first roll,,
hope next will be better,,
this first roll was taken on 100 colour agfa film..(if not mistaken)
not i on expired film,,
next will be BnW film,,
wait for my next result,,


nisa fadzil said...

argh paling lomo la.. love all da pictures !! aku nak jugak gambaq tuh :D

Nana Miyuki said...

gambar mana ang nak,,gambaq ang dgn flower ek??gambar tu plg aku suka hehehe..

nisa fadzil said...

aha gambaq ngan flower..naknaknak

onie said...

pehhhh! macam dedolu oh gambaqnya,setai gila :)