Monday, July 25, 2011

Shop till Drop

Indahkan kalau boleh shopping cm manusia ini..pick n pay..I love it..

Actually I'm a person yg suka shop bila stress..oh noted here stress but bermoney ok..kalau streSs tak berduit boleh jalan la..

Ya aku anggap shopping is one of my therapy in handling my stress..how it works?
When I stress I looks over something new..
When I bought it I own something new..
Its a kinda feeling which it kick off da bad+stress feeling away..
Like u feel ur mood with happiness having things u like+new..
Automatically its flushed away the stress :D

When its came to my rational thought..I might be added some stress some more when finally after shop I become broke..ulalalaa..that was disaster!!so I hate it..

I love shopping..I hope I always have lots of money to spend :D

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maizatul suraya said...

i hope i can handling my stress like you. huu~ masalahnya tak stress leh plak nak shoping, bila stress asyik gigit bantal nangis. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Nana Miyuki said...

hahaha,,nangis also one of a therapy yg i guna..but paling best nangis dlm bilik air bwah shower or nangis memalam atas katil time nak tido..hehe

shopping n food is my other option of handling my stress :)

u can have me to be by ur side bila stress sis :)