Saturday, July 16, 2011

i followed~~~

oh man..i never expect my followers would be 2digits,,hahaha..
now its already 79..hahaha..never come across my mind..

should i give any GA to the 80th follower???or wanna wait till 100th follower??

in a short time if there is the 80th follower,,i shall reward the person,,hehe,,

till now...

sakura miyuki ^_^


ıʇɐʎɐpıɥ lnɹnu said...

ouh,i shoul have wait..aybe i could be the 100th~haha btw sis, i got new entry, its a pleasure if u come n read. i really enjoy ur comments.encouraging! ^^

Nana Miyuki said...

haha...if u waited u might be..hehe,,ok i will visit urs when i have free time k..wait for me to b in ur page..haha..