Monday, July 11, 2011


Familia..they r my familia..my friends that become part of my family..
When times past..I'm getting older n older..
I'm getting matured n matured..
There will be a turning point..
Where u will realise no matter what happen families r there..
Families r not like friends..that sometimes r hardly reach..
Families no matter how busy they r they will still have time for each other to listen to the problems..
Now I can't leave my family just like that..coz they always support me..
When I'm sad..need place to hugs n cry..
Families r there..
They always help me..
They still there..but they also have their own other commitment..they have their own family to take care+bf+gf+sisters+cousins..
So now I can't lay my back on friends too much..I need to always be prepared that they will not be there all da time I need them..
Love my families..

My english yg macam taik..but I still donno y I sometime love to text in english..haha..
Actually when things r wrote in english by me its usually r from my deeper heart..which means nothing go through my rasional brain..just from heart to hands :)

SaKuRa MiYuKi
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