Monday, December 29, 2008


sowi la kpada diriku cik sakura krana diriku sndr mnjanjikan utk mgupdate mlm smlm tp apakan daya adik2 aku mgodep laptop aku smp aku mls nk mnta,,so smlm aku mlyn movie ja kat hallmark,,meh ku cta sket ttg crita ku tgk smlm,,xcilap aku tajuk dia mom at 16,,crita dia ada la dirl nih high school girl which is very passion in her love to a guy,,their love is just like romeo n juliet,,nobody can separate them,,oic omputih la ayt2 aku nih,,lyn ja rr wlaupon dok pandai kecek omputih nih,,k she got pragnant at 15 and her mother want to have the baby*mean dont want to let her daughter do abortion*,,they ddecide to give the baby for adoption,,after gaving birth to da baby,this young girl change her mind,,she dont want to let her son be raised by other people*mean bkn drh daging sndr la*,,then her mom pon cakap la ok i u want so,,i will rais him as my own son n u must continue on ur study till u be sombody,,luckily this girl is a tallented,beautiful and genuis student la,,she exchanged in new school where all the students there have bad sosial life,,thre all da students do sex as sometng fun,,in the school there is a pair of husband n wife working thre as a teacher,,they difficully to get a child,,they had try al da method in hospital to have their own child,,while at the tme this young girl struglleng her life in the school which having a baby taken care by her mom,,she realy2 feel pressure when listen to her clsmate which choose to have abortion when get pragnant,,alamak pjg la nk crta dgn detail,,short2 la ek,,emmm later own she went to meet her bf n told him bout their son,,that boy run away,,a few weeks later he came to this young girl's house,,he wanted to have a look on his baby,,i though he want to take care of the baby like wat he said,,suddenly his parent dont want it n want to pay that young girl as nafkah mbesarkan anak la kot,,then mslh mnmpa lg,,all her scoolmate get know that she had a baby,,later on she went to a place like a lifehood la kot,,cam rumah2 utk remaja terlanjur,,thre he get a courage to let her son b taken care by a new family which can promise a better life for her son,,she choose her teacher which realy want to have a child to take care of her baby,,they live happily ever after which her son must know her as his real mother,,her teacher realy happy to have her son,,and that boy grown up as a smart boy who always love his mothers,,he know his real mother realy well,,opss lupa nk gtaw,,ttg bdk2 sekolah dia later on lps apa yg tjadi pada this young girl she told her frends all about how she get pragnant n wat about sex,,there i can capture her sentence*sex is a responsiblity,if u r not prepare to take care of the responsiblity,plz dont have sex easily*,,the end,,smua kgkwan dia pon mnyedari la ksilapn mngadakan hbungan sex tanpa cnta tanpa rasa tanggungjawab,,dah2 aku taw crita aku xbest,,tp akku bsn nk mnaip so aku taip jala papon aku suka,,

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