Monday, November 21, 2011


You are always my priority even I'm just an option to you!#Faktab myself!!

I hate the way I always made others as my priority rather then myself..some people love to take advantage on people like me..so sad..
Friends at your ease are easy to find but at your hardship?!why me??because I never hold grudge?!because I always easily apologise you?!when you had problem you come to me when you are happy you just enjoy your world with your fucking buddies and forget I was one of your's!

Fuck myself for being too good as a friend to you!

P/s:picture shows is not related to the entry..picture shows a friend of minde new house..bought this year..will be moving after marry I guess..*when will I have an opportunity to buy my own house?u will never!*

Sorry:mood like pingpong dah ni -_-" tanda2 PMS la kot huhu..

SaKuRa MiYuKi

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