Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Palm My destiny Myself

This picture is my real palm ok..cool kan..BTW I do really like this picture rasa cam sangat cantik*perasan sorang2*

Ok tuning language BM or English?
Dalam twitter harini was like crazy dengan hashtag #FaktaDiriAku #FaktaTentangSaya or seangkatan or semaksud la..but I didn't tweet any single things relating to it..coz I found that I'm not a great person..but by the way here I wanna state a fact about me..
1. I am a person that always used English when I am sad or angry..automatically when I'm angry or sad I will speak or write straight away in English..when I'm talking to u then suddenly all my words tune to english that's mean I am angry bout something but I couldn't tell u in person..I might be laughing while I talk but u should notice that I will be talking fluently english and a bit fast..*fast I guess because it came along with the fast heart beat rhytm* *bila marah heart beat mesti laju dari normal kan*

Just a fact of myself..
Wanna know more I think I did few bout me in my older post..do dig them by yourself if u r interested knowing me..*ayat bajet cam kau punya blog ada orang selalu baca ja*

Ok my habit to use "*" this star symbol showing monologue *ayat dalam hati gua la der*macam suara kedua or ketiga -_-" insane me


SaKuRa MiYuKi ^_^


Faaein Talip Roy said...

bab monolog tu sama lah.. hehehe.. ;p

ok.. akan menggali segala khazanah yang ada.. semalam dah buat separuh.. nanti ada masa nak buat lagi.. nak baca cerita senior saya ni.. huhuhu.. ;p

jeleslah.. student UTP semua fasih aje berbahasa Inggeris.. saya? hurm.. sedihlah.. =(

Ana Miyuki said...

Haha never thought akan ada owg baca my blog or going to dig over bout me haha..

Btw thanx :)
Takda senior mana bru grad thn lepas ja..but I guess we r at same age kn :)

Erkk smua UTipian fasih english ka but I'm not so la hehe..grammar klaut jg ni..tp blsah ja ikut ati jnj enjoy

Anonymous said...

"that's mean" - itu adalah kejam

"that means" - itu bermaksud

simple english :)

Ana Miyuki said...

Hahahaha I know :)
Just smtme type sekilas jari jemari kelaut :p

Haggai Jeffers said...

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